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Longshot - Screenshot & OCR
A Mac Tool for Screenshot, OCR, Measure, Float Window, Scrolling Capture, Step Annotations, convenient.
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Capture & Annotate

A handy tool for easily annotating images, facilitating communication among colleagues.

Drawing Tools

Rectangle, ellipse, line, arrow, text, marker pen for doodling on the go.

Measurement & Annotation

Mosaic, blur hide, annotation notes, pixel distance measurement, color picking annotation - rich functionality.

Intelligent Window Recognition

Move mouse to automatically highlight window under cursor. Hold down Shift key and click to select multiple windows for combined screenshot.

Pin & Paste

Convert images or text from anywhere into sticky notes on the desktop for convenient viewing and comparison.

Pin from the clipboard.

Pin images, text, HTML, and other content from clipboard on the desktop.

Pin from double-click images on the Finder

Double-click on the image to pin on the desktop to view it.

Zoom in/out by scrolling on the pinned image

Zoom in/out with mouse scroll wheel. Double-click to close or minimize. Supports flipping and mirroring.

Text Recognition

Offline OCR algorithms quickly extract text from images, videos, documents, and any other source.

Fast Recognition

Select a screen area, recognize text, copy it to the clipboard, and paste it into any application such as notes, editors, or messaging platforms.

QR & Barcode

Select the QR or barcode area, recognize it, and automatically open the corresponding link.

Text-to-speech (TTS) playback

Supports voice playback of the recognized content.

Scrolling Capture

Optimized image stitching algorithm that adapts to various environments, enabling easy capture of scrolling.


Supports vertical/horizontal/panoramic scrolling, allowing to capture the desired area by scrolling in any direction.

Scrolling direction/region

During scrolling, you can change scrolling direction at any time. When finished, you can drag the capture area again and perform another stitching.

Full-window scrolling capture

By selecting a window, you can perform a full-window scrolling capture to stitch together a long screenshot.

Measure & Rule

Quickly measure any content on the screen, automatically identify distances, and element sizes.

Measure distance

Automatically detect and annotate the distances of elements or objects on the screen.

Measure elements

Simply select the approximate area of the element by drawing a bounding box, and the tool will automatically snap and capture the element, annotating its dimensions.

Record & Audio

Quickly capture work processes by recording the screen with just one click, and easily share the recordings.

Application/Window recording

Supports full-screen, region, window and application recording.

Microphone/System audio recording

Supports system audio and microphone recording, as well as customizable frame rate settings.